How to Reuse And Recycle Our Low Waste Packaging ♻️ 🌏

you've got your crystals, now what! lets take a look at how YOU can sensibly reuse and recycle The Guide Crystals Low Waste Packaging! ♻️🌏


Recycled Paper Shredding  📝


here are some of the awesome suggestions we have heard as to how you can REUSE your Paper Shredding!

  • reuse it as padding for gifts or packages you may send! 🎁
  • using it as padding in your pets enclosures (how cute!) 🐾
  • turning it into recycled paper! 📝
  • mixing it into the soil of pot plants to absorb moisture! 🌱
  • use it as a fire starter when making fires! (safely and legally of course) 🏕

got any more suggestions! leave us a comment on the YouTube video above! <3


keep in mind that some City Councils will NOT accept Paper Shredding in your recycling bin!

please look on your local councils website to see if they accept shredded paper in their recycling bins, and what requirements you need to undertake to put it in there! 👍🏼

ALTERNATIVELY, here are some other ways you can recycle Paper Shredding!

  • chuck it in your compost bin! (if you have one!) 🌱
  • dig a small hole and bury it in your garden! (it will naturally biodegrade over about 2 weeks!) 🧑🏼‍🌾
  • mix it in with a bag of garden soil and use it when gardening! 🌹

Newspaper 🗞


reusing should ALWAYS be considered before recycling! try to find a creative way to reuse and paper that your crystals have been wrapped in! 

wether thats using it to wrap things in the future, making art and collages out of it, or anything other alternative you can come up with, we'd love to see you reuse our Newspaper Wrappings!


if you can't find a way to reuse your newspaper, no biggie! 

its easy enough to chuck into your recycling bin!

if you have a compost bin, you can chuck it in there for an extra TEN POINTS! 🏆

Bubble Wrap 🛁


bubble wrap is the ONLY plastic we use in our WHOLE STORE! we make sure that each piece is in good condition so that it is easy for you to REUSE! 👍🏼


we totally understand if you cannot find a use for you bubble wrap! 

bubble wrap is considered a Soft Plastic, meaning that is CANNOT be put into the Recycling Bin!

an option we also propose before putting it into landfill is to research "Soft Plastic Bins" near you!

in Australia, most Woolworths and Coles supermarkets have free to use Soft Plastic Recycling bins!

we hope that now you will realise just how many Soft Plastics you can bring into these facilities and the change you are creating on the environment! ♻️


our BOXES are made of 100% recycled cardboard! this means that once you have taken all of your beautiful stones out of the box, you can dispose of it straight into your Recycling Bin! ♻️

our LABELS are also biodegradable! they are also Compost Safe, meaning that if you have a compost bin, you can put them in there also to create a nutrient rich soil perfect for gardens! 🌱

and finally, our TAPE is 100% biodegradable also, so pretty much no matter what you do with our boxes and the tape and labels on them, they are 100% sustainable and recyclable! ♻️


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