Low Waste Journey & Sustainability! ♻️

As a Cancerian ♋️, my favourite thing to do is care!

In my own lifestyle, I practice a Low Waste living style and it has always been my dream to curate a business that follows the most environmentally and ethical path possible!

So, I have designed the First Low Waste Crystal Store, so you can shop for all things high vibrational with out any of the low vibrational impacts! 

Lets see my Low Waste Journey & Goals and ways The Guide Crystals ensures that ALL your crystals are sourced sustainably and consciously! <3


For three years now I have been highly invested in the study of all things environmental and ethicalities based. I study Geography and Earth & Environmental Sciences, which has taught me the importance of environmental preservation as well as the sciences behind the formation of our beautiful crystals!

I became invested in a Low Waste lifestyle after happening upon Lauren Singer, a Zero Waste ambassador and Environmental Activist. She popularised the Zero Waste Jar, which overall kickstarted the Zero Waste movement.

Since then, I have been consciously making the choice to live a more Zero Waste lifestyle, whilst still living at home.

This has meant gaining more independence and responsibilities over the consumption of products and has allowed me to understand closely the values and importance on reducing ones waste!

Some ways I incorporate Low Waste Living into my daily life is through...

  • Living off a vegetarian diet (for 2+ years!)
  • Reducing my consumption of single use plastics (ie. packets, wrappers, ect) 
  • Limiting my consumption of fast fashion by choosing to shop second hand or from small businesses
  • And recycling to the best of my abilities!

I will obviously be updating my attempts to reduce waste as i transition into independant living over the next year and I really hope you will stick around to see the ways I move my own lifestyle towards Zero Waste! 


When I began my business in February of 2021, I never intended it to turn into all this! It started as a way to share my love of crystals with my friends my making them jewellery!

But as the months grew on I realised there was more I could do for the environment if I was going to call myself a Business Owner!

I had always dreamed of spreading my knowledge and passion for a Low Waste Lifestyle in the for of a business, so why not turn The Guide Crystals into the First Low Waste Crystal Store!

And here we are! embarking on a journey to producing the least amount of waste possible and saving the environment for EVERYONE! Just kidding lol ;)


Enough talk! How does The Guide Crystals ALREADY reduce its waste consumption!

Firstly, we ONLY use 100% recyclable materials for our packaging!

Thats right! No plastic bubble mailers, no styrofoam packing peanuts, and certainly no plastic packaging for our jewellery!

Any plastics used to package your crystals is recycled from our wholesale orders (ie. bubble wrap) and can be reused by you guys in the future!

We encourage the re-use of our packaging to the best of your abilities, and if you can't find a new use, thats okay! Just recycle the packaging! <3

The Guide Crystals LOW WASTE Packaging! <3

Secondly, we mostly source from Australian suppliers!

This not only supports local businesses, but it also reduces carbon emissions from global distributors and 'middle-men' wholesalers! All of our International Suppliers are also family-owned businesses!

This means that we can keep in close contact of the quality of your crystals as well as the ethicality of our suppliers sources (which I will go into detail in Our Ethicality Mission) and also allowing us to communicate our unique mission so that we can reduce the plastic waste from our suppliers!

We have been lucky enough to find suppliers which will listen to our needs and have made great efforts to reduce the amount of plastics as well as other waste in our orders!

This means using packaging such as shredded newspaper to cushion your crystals as opposed to plastics and packing peanuts which we can re-use to package your orders! <3

Finally, Aus Post!

Aus Post is our postal service not just because I am besties with the ladies at the post office, but also because they offset Carbon Dioxide emissions from all delivery services!

What what does that mean?! To offset Carbon Dioxide emissions means to reduce the amount of CO2 begin emitted into the atmosphere by pushing operations such as regular on foot delivery, as well as planting trees to balance out the emissions created by delivery!

Since 2010, Aus Post has reduced their carbon footprint by 20% because of its Carbon Neutral initiatives! And we love that! <3


So what does the future hold for The Guide Crystals Low Waste Journey?

Well, we do have a long way to go! unfortunately we cannot confidentially say that our business will every be "Zero Waste" as that is virtually impossible! 

Even if our business were to generate NO WASTE whatsoever, there is still no way to ensure that the the processes that get our crystals from mine to us, are completely waste free!

So we settle, Low Waste! And here's how we are improving...

  • Communicating EVEN MORE effectively with ALL our suppliers to ensure that the LEAST waste possible is generated!
  • Ensuring that ALL our sources for supplies are within Australia or support other small businesses!
  • And, monitoring our own waste consumption to see which areas need to be improved on!

Every step is a good step in the right direction!

And even if you don't follow a Low Waste Lifestyle, we aim to provide you with a service that support environmental security to ensure beautiful Mother Gaia stays plentiful and abundant for generations to come! <3

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oh em gee this was so interesting to read!! honestly if you took employees and I lived near you I’d want a job so bad😩Anyways I’m ordering once my mum comes home IM SO EXCITED! LOVE YOU AND EVERYTHIN YA DO!! okay bubye!!


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