Crystals for your Star Sign


Aires is the first sign of the zodiac! Their fiery energy is matched only by there need for stimulation and excitement! As a Fire Sign they are passionate, and often time pioneers in the many tasks they take on! They are helpful and loving, exciting and playful! 

For all the Aries out there, we have chosen...

CARNELIAN the stone of action & motivation!

Carnelian helps an Aries stay focused and action driven with their tasks! It reflects an Aries fiery energy and loving nature!

ROSE QUARTZ the stone of unconditional love!

Rose Quartz reflects an Aries passionate nature in love! It guides Aries towards the love that they put out!

CLEAR QUARTZ the stone of power & the master healer!

Aries are born leaders and clear quartz brings power to these people! It also helps clear the mind, and bring in light and love, so one can focus on their true self and self worth!

AMAZONITE the stone of balance & success!

Amazonite works well to balance the Aries fiery energy! It brings success, concentration and follow through in an Aries actions, whilst also allowing for communication of ideas with others!



Taurus's are Earth Signs and reflect upon the beauty in nature and all the Earth has provided us! They greatly appreciate the beauty of the arts and fine experiences and frequently indulge in these activities with a deep gratitude and respect for their meanings and creation! A Taurus is a slow creature, taking their time to lavish in everything they can experience, surrounding themselves with a patient and welcoming nature!

We hope the Taurus's like the crystals we have chosen for them...

ROSE QUARTZ the stone of unconditional love!

Rose Quartz reflects a Taurus's love and respect for the beautiful and interesting! It gives an insight into a Taurus's loving energies!

GREEN AVENTURINE the stone of abundance!

Green Aventurine brings an abundance of whatever a Taurus's desires may be! Taurus's like the life of luxury and being surrounded by a number of things from the material world as well as human connection! Green Aventurine attracts all a Taurus's desires for this!

TIGERS EYE the stone of grounding!

As an Earth sign, the connection to nature is of the utmost importance to a Taurus! Tigers Eye connects these people to the Earth in which they cherish so much for its creative nature and beauty!

JADE the stone of transformation and good fortune!

Jade allows for protection from self doubt as well as an outlet for calming the emotions! Working with the heart, Jade releases negative emotions and soothes the mind, bringing balance and peace!



Gemini's are represented by the twins! Whilst western astrology will have you believe they are two faced, Gemini's are far from that! Gemini's are highly emotionally and socially intelligent, they value trust and loyalty as an Air Sign and will remove anyone who does not share these values from their life! They align with the hands as the part of the body, with one large base and many objectives (or fingers) branching out! This reflects a Gemini's constant passion for so many activities, tasks and partnerships, however it can make them a little indecisive at times!

For all the Gemini's out there, we chose...

APATITE the stone of manifestation!

Apatite brings success to all of Gemini's adventures! Gemini's are powerful beings of creation and Apatite serves to project this power and accelerate abundance and prosperity!

MOONSTONE the stone of the moon!

Moonstone connects Gemini's to their emotions, bringing emotional balance and calmness to their outgoing nature! It allows for Geminis to connect their thoughts more clearly to their feelings and thus make balanced decisions!

MOSS AGATE the stone of emotional & physical healing!

Moss Agate's grounding energies, bring Gemini back down to Earth! It helps centre a Gemini's excitement and bring calmness, allowing for a concise decision to be made!

BLUE LACE AGATE the stone of peace & tranquility!

Blue Lace Agate calms the Gemini! It brings a softness and peace to their outgoing nature and helps resolve conflicts and conflicting thoughts through its energies of communication and rationality!



Cancers are heavily sensitive beings, and not in the way you may think! A Cancer feels deeply for everybody around them, being some of the biggest empaths in the zodiac! They take on the emotions of others, whilst often times forgetting to take care of them self! They have a loving and nurturing nature, coming from the ruling planet of the moon! Because of their ability to take on and experience anothers emotions, Cancers have an easy time reading a person! However, their relationship with their animal, the crab, makes them shy away from conflicting situations and withdraw into their shell when expressing emotions of their own!

For all the beautiful Cancer out there, we have chosen...

MOONSTONE the stone of the moon!

Moonstone not only connects Cancers to the divine feminine energy of their ruling planet, the moon, but it also soothes and validates their emotions! It allows for emotional connections to be formed and the communication of feelings also!

PREHNITE the stone of unconditional love & healing!

Prehnite is an especially good stone of empaths! It helps release the unwanted energies of others, transmuting it into light and love, whilst also removing emotional blockages and trauma, allowing for a Cancer to come out of their shells!

AMETHYST the stone of peace!

Amethyst soothes the Cancers mind from worrying and overthinking! It relives stress and anxieties which Cancers hold onto and brings peace and balance to emotions!

ROSE QUARTZ the stone of unconditional love!

Rose Quartz reflects a Cancers deep and nurturing nature! It gives a Cancer the freedom to express their love for others as well as removing self doubt and criticism!


LEO ♌️

Leos are ruled by the sun, reflecting their own fiery, powerful and warm energies! Leos are often times considered to be leaders and have a deep respect for those with power and influence! Leos are kind and loving in relationships and are generous friends and partners!

To all the Leos out there, we have chosen...

CARNELIAN the stone of action & motivation!

Carnelian reflects the fiery energy that make up the foundations of a Leo! It provides Leos with a boost of energy that is needed to achieve what they want!

SUNSTONE the stone of the sun!

As they are ruled by the Sun, Sunstone connects a Leo to that energy! It is highly attractive in love and power, giving a warmth to the energy of whoever possess it!

ROSE QUARTZ the stone of unconditional love!

Rose Quartz is reflective of the Leos kind and loving nature! It also helps to remove and self doubt that may be stopping Leos from believing in themselves!

GARNET the stone of energy and power! 

GARNET allows for a Leo to reach their full potential in power! It provides them with the momentum and energy to be the true leaders they were destined to be!



Virgos are intellectual individuals, with the capacity to take on and learn information at fast rates! They have an ability to get tasks done with so much precision and focus that is comparable to that of a machine! Represented by the Virgin, Virgos follow the rules and do not stray for from societies guidelines, however, they are some of the most interesting and unique individuals of the zodiac! They do what they want which spawns creative genius and individuality like no other!

For all the Virgos, we have chosen...

MOSS AGATE the stone of emotional & physical healing! 

As an Earth Sign, it is important for Virgos to be connected to nature! Moss Agate not only calms emotions, it also provides a strong pull to the Earth and its grounding energies!

AMAZONITE the stone of balance and success!

Amazonite allows for Virgos to achieve their goals and see through the efforts of their hard work! It allows one to speak their highest truth and communicate their needs for the good of everyone!

FLUORITE the stone of focus & harmonising!

Fluorite reflects Virgos focused and concentrated energies! it allows them to gather their thought, emotions and actions into one to make more concise decisions and work harder!

MOONSTONE the stone of the moon!

Moonstone connects Virgos to their emotional body! It allows for a Virgo to understand and balance their emotions!



Libras are equalitarians, they are represented by the Scales of Justice and often time Lady Justice within the zodiac! Libras are highly intuitive and sensitive to others emotions, thoughts and feelings! They are peaceful and value beauty heavily, appreciating the delicate and interesting items that surround them!

For all the gorgeous Libras, we have chosen...

GREEN AVENTURINE the stone of abundance!

Green aventurine reflects Libras friendly nature! It brings with it an abundance of interesting relationships which Libra feeds off of!

TOURMALATED QUARTZ the stone of protection & purification!

Torumatated Quartz not only protects but it also clears the energy! Libra can be represented by both clear quartz and black tourmaline, so, to get a little bit of both of those energies, Tourmalated Quartz is the perfect go-to for Libras!

ROSE QUARTZ the stone of unconditional love!

Rose Quartz reflects a Libras loving nature in friendships and relationships! It also heals the heart, removing any self doubt or self criticism!

AMETHYST the stone of peace

Amethyst helps to reduce a Libras stress and anxiety! Though this, it is then able to help Libras make better decisions through clearer thinking!



Scorpios are the final Water Sign in astrology! They are represented by the Scorpion, the thick shelled, battle-clad animal, some would associate with aggression, but should be interpreted as quick wit and skill! Scorpios, like its sister signs, are able to easily read a persons energy, allowing for them to protect themselves against harm that may come their way!

For all the Scorpios, we have chosen... 

MALACHITE the stone of transformation!

Malachite reflects upon a Scorpios decision to reflect and rebuild themselves! It allows them to be pushed onto a path of more meaning and helps guide them to make decisions that will ultimately benefit them!

MOONSTONE the stone of the moon!

Moonstone connects a Scorpio to their emotional body! It calms heavy emotions and balances thoughts with feelings!

AQUAMARINE the stone of truth & communication!

Aquamarine allows for a Scorpio to express their emotions to their full potential! It inspires truth and a connection with reality!

CITRINE the stone of joy & creativity!

Scorpios have great power in manifestation, Citrine allows them to unlock these abilities! It promotes Scorpios creative energies whilst also relieving them of insecurities and self doubt that may be effecting them on their path!



Sagittarius is one of the most highly intellectual signs! Their passions run deep and are seen out to fulfilment always! They are highly reliable and often times perfectionists due to their value of hard work and precision! 

For all the Sagittarius's, theres what we chose...

SODALITE the stone of insight & good judgement!

Sodalite is an argument and debate diffuser! Sagittarius, due to their intellectual nature will often find themselves in arguments over sophisticated topics, Sodalite will help balance emotions and walk away when the situation no longer serves them!

LABRADORITE the stone of transformation & perseverance!

Labradorite reflects a Sagittarius's perseverance through difficulties as well as their ability to remain dedicated to that they are doing!

BLUE LACE AGATE the stone of peace & tranquility!

Blue Lace Agate calms the mind when hyperactive and allows Sagittarius to become more in tune with their priorities! It brings a sense of peace to the intellect of a Sagittarius!

MALACHITE the stone of transformation!

Malachite is reflective of Sagittarius inquisitive nature & intellectual abilities! It guides these people towards the right path on which they will find the most success!



Capricorns are hard workers! They are highly focused individuals with discipline and follow through unlike no other! They are very much goal orientated, wether that be in the fields of career, relationship or general inspiration! You can always expect a high quality of work from Capricorns, however, they are often their own worst enemy!

For Capricorn we have chosen...

GARNET the stone of energy and power!

Garnet reflects a Capricorns energy to achieve! It brings with it the power to reach goals whilst remaining motivated and on task!

AMETHYST the stone of peace!

Amethyst helps to calm the overthinking mind of Capricorns! It helps to release feelings of anxiety or stress!

FLUORITE the stone of focus & harmonising!

Fluorite reflects and aids a Capricorns concentration and drive! It helps to bring all the elements of life together into a balances goal, and aids on this pathway through focus and power!

ROSE QUARTZ the stone of unconditional love!

Rose Quartz promotes self love within Capricorns! It helps to remove self doubt and criticism whilst also reflecting Capricorns oriented nature!



Aquarius are highly interesting yet reserved people! They tend to stand out from the crowd with any effort and do not work to please anybody but them selves! They are highly intellectual, finding ways to connect the dots between fragmented information to build an understanding of it in their minds! they are sociable and friends, always ready to have a good time and a laugh!

For all the Aquarius's out there, we have chosen...

AQUAMARINE the stone of truth & communication!

An Aquarius biggest strength is through communication! This crystal reflects and empowers the ability to communicate clearly and effectivly to build relationships or share information!

ROSE QUARTZ the stone of unconditional love!

Rose Quartz allows Aquarius to connect to their emotions! An Aquarius will not prioritise their emotions, however this is necessary in order to empathise with others and share feelings so they done bottle up!

TURQUOISE the stone of protection!

Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, to which Turquoise energies belong! This stone helps protect the Aquarius's physical body as well and emotional and spiritual body from negative energies!

MOONSTONE the stone of the moon!

Moonstone helps connect Aquarius to the emotional body! It also helps to bring in divine feminine energies, as Aquarius is a masculine sign!



As a Water Sign, Pisces are very much centred around the whimsical and emotional! The ruling Tarot Card for a Pisces is The Moon, which embodies the emotional pathway through healing and represents an intuitive nature connected to the divide feminine! Pisces are often introverts, with a range of interesting and unique character traits!

For our beautiful Pisces out there, we have chosen...

JADE the stone of good fortune & transformation!

Jade reflects a pisces inquisitive and mature nature. It brings with it emotional protection, luck and success to those who work with the stone!

AMETHYST the stone of peace!

Amethyst not only soothes a Pisces worries and stress, but it also heightens their already strong sense of intuition! It helps Pisces unlock their physic abilities, especially through dreams, and reflects their dreamy and whimsical outlook on life!

ROSE QUARTZ the stone of unconditional love!

Pisces are great appreciators of everything beautiful, both man made and natural. Rose Quartz reflects this gratitude of beauty and celebrates the loving energies Pisces put out!

AQUAMARINE the stone of truth & communication!

As a Water Sign, Aquamarine helps connect Pisces to their roots in bodies of water! It also helps to provide Pisces with the confidence to speak their truths and communicate their feelings in a calm, and accepting manner!

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