Collection: Aquarius Crystals ♒️

Aquarius are highly interesting yet reserved people! They tend to stand out from the crowd with any effort and do not work to please anybody but them selves! They are highly intellectual, finding ways to connect the dots between fragmented information to build an understanding of it in their minds! they are sociable and friends, always ready to have a good time and a laugh!

For all the Aquarius's out there, we have chosen...

AQUAMARINE the stone of truth & communication!

An Aquarius biggest strength is through communication! This crystal reflects and empowers the ability to communicate clearly and effectivly to build relationships or share information!

ROSE QUARTZ the stone of unconditional love!

Rose Quartz allows Aquarius to connect to their emotions! An Aquarius will not prioritise their emotions, however this is necessary in order to empathise with others and share feelings so they done bottle up!

GARNET the stone of action and protection!

This stone energises & brings power, strength and motivation through wear. The strong red energies also provide a powerful protection to ones energy field

MOONSTONE the stone of the moon!

Moonstone helps connect Aquarius to the emotional body! It also helps to bring in divine feminine energies, as Aquarius is a masculine sign!