Collection: Sagittarius Crystals ♐️

Sagittarius is one of the most highly intellectual signs! Their passions run deep and are seen out to fulfilment always! They are highly reliable and often times perfectionists due to their value of hard work and precision! 

For all the Sagittarius's, theres what we chose...

SODALITE the stone of insight & good judgement!

Sodalite is an argument and debate diffuser! Sagittarius, due to their intellectual nature will often find themselves in arguments over sophisticated topics, Sodalite will help balance emotions and walk away when the situation no longer serves them!

LABRADORITE the stone of transformation & perseverance!

Labradorite reflects a Sagittarius's perseverance through difficulties as well as their ability to remain dedicated to that they are doing!

BLUE LACE AGATE the stone of peace & tranquility!

Blue Lace Agate calms the mind when hyperactive and allows Sagittarius to become more in tune with their priorities! It brings a sense of peace to the intellect of a Sagittarius!

MALACHITE the stone of transformation!

Malachite is reflective of Sagittarius inquisitive nature & intellectual abilities! It guides these people towards the right path on which they will find the most success!