Collection: Cancer Crystals ♋️

Cancers are heavily sensitive beings, and not in the way you may think! A Cancer feels deeply for everybody around them, being some of the biggest empaths in the zodiac! They take on the emotions of others, whilst often times forgetting to take care of them self! They have a loving and nurturing nature, coming from the ruling planet of the moon! Because of their ability to take on and experience anothers emotions, Cancers have an easy time reading a person! However, their relationship with their animal, the crab, makes them shy away from conflicting situations and withdraw into their shell when expressing emotions of their own!

For all the beautiful Cancer out there, we have chosen...

MOONSTONE the stone of the moon!

Moonstone not only connects Cancers to the divine feminine energy of their ruling planet, the moon, but it also soothes and validates their emotions! It allows for emotional connections to be formed and the communication of feelings also!

PREHNITE the stone of unconditional love & healing!

Prehnite is an especially good stone of empaths! It helps release the unwanted energies of others, transmuting it into light and love, whilst also removing emotional blockages and trauma, allowing for a Cancer to come out of their shells!

AMETHYST the stone of peace!

Amethyst soothes the Cancers mind from worrying and overthinking! It relives stress and anxieties which Cancers hold onto and brings peace and balance to emotions!

ROSE QUARTZ the stone of unconditional love!

Rose Quartz reflects a Cancers deep and nurturing nature! It gives a Cancer the freedom to express their love for others as well as removing self doubt and criticism!