New Supplier Research

we have recently begun working with new global suppliers! this means a lot of research has gone into ensuring our new suppliers are trustworthy, authentic and sustainable!

heres what we have researched!


we have kept in close contact with our new suppliers as to the efforts they can help us make in reducing plastic and wasteful packaging!

they have said they will do their absolute best to ensure the lowest amount of waste possible, through the use of recyclable materials such as paper and cardboard and reusable materials such as paper shredding and bubble wrap!

we hope they can cater to our Low Waste standards and help us with our mission, however we are confident they will do their absolute best in terms of lowering our waste consumption!


we are pretty sure our suppliers are sick of our millions of questions!

heres a summary of a couple of the inquiries and research we have done into our new suppliers!

US: how do you ensure that you are sourcing your crystals from sustainable mines that pay workers fairly?

SUPPLIER: we keep in close contact with the mines and mining groups we work with, we have worked with them for many years and have seen the processes they undertake in the extraction and processing of our crystals. the workers are safe and paid good wages, we consistently monitor for high quality in our crystals.

US: what efforts are you taking to make sure workers are treated fairly in your facilities?

SUPPLIER: we are a family run and owned business, we have worked at selling crystals and metaphysical tools over generations in our family. our workers are all paid fair wages and and ensured breaks and leave. we work in a safe warehouse environment.

US: which countries do you source your crystals from?

SUPPLIER: we source our crystals from all over the world. our primary sources are within India, where we are situated, however we have imports from Brazil and Madagascar.

"(India, Brazil & Madagascar have improving rates of worker equality and environmental restoration, we have decided these are sustainable countries to source from!)"

we also asked for about a million photos of products to ensure high quality!

we are hoping this supplier will pull through with our requests for a Lower Waste packaging, and will keep you updated on our journey! <3

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