Collection: Leo Crystals ♌️

Leos are ruled by the sun, reflecting their own fiery, powerful and warm energies! Leos are often times considered to be leaders and have a deep respect for those with power and influence! Leos are kind and loving in relationships and are generous friends and partners!

To all the Leos out there, we have chosen...

CARNELIAN the stone of action & motivation!

Carnelian reflects the fiery energy that make up the foundations of a Leo! It provides Leos with a boost of energy that is needed to achieve what they want!

SUNSTONE the stone of the sun!

As they are ruled by the Sun, Sunstone connects a Leo to that energy! It is highly attractive in love and power, giving a warmth to the energy of whoever possess it!

ROSE QUARTZ the stone of unconditional love!

Rose Quartz is reflective of the Leos kind and loving nature! It also helps to remove and self doubt that may be stopping Leos from believing in themselves!

GARNET the stone of energy and power! 

GARNET allows for a Leo to reach their full potential in power! It provides them with the momentum and energy to be the true leaders they were destined to be!