Collection: Libra Crystals ♎️

Libras are equalitarians, they are represented by the Scales of Justice and often time Lady Justice within the zodiac! Libras are highly intuitive and sensitive to others emotions, thoughts and feelings! They are peaceful and value beauty heavily, appreciating the delicate and interesting items that surround them!

For all the gorgeous Libras, we have chosen...

GREEN AVENTURINE the stone of abundance!

Green aventurine reflects Libras friendly nature! It brings with it an abundance of interesting relationships which Libra feeds off of!

TOURMALATED QUARTZ the stone of protection & purification!

Torumatated Quartz not only protects but it also clears the energy! Libra can be represented by both clear quartz and black tourmaline, so, to get a little bit of both of those energies, Tourmalated Quartz is the perfect go-to for Libras!

ROSE QUARTZ the stone of unconditional love!

Rose Quartz reflects a Libras loving nature in friendships and relationships! It also heals the heart, removing any self doubt or self criticism!

AMETHYST the stone of peace

Amethyst helps to reduce a Libras stress and anxiety! Though this, it is then able to help Libras make better decisions through clearer thinking!