Our Low Waste Packaging ♻️🌏

we are happy to announce that
The Guide Crystals EXCLUSIVELY uses
100% REUSABLE and RECYCLABLE Low Waste Packaging! ♻️🌏 

lets take a look at what it's made from! <3

Recycled Paper Shredding  📝

our packages are padded with recycled shredded newspaper!

this allows us to REUSE paper and newspaper that we already have available, as opposed to creating new resource demand by purchasing packing peanuts, honeycomb paper and other shipping materials!

to find out how to dispose of your paper shredding, check out our article How to Reuse & Recycle The Guide Crystals Low Waste Packaging!

Reusable Wrapping & Bubble Wrap 🌯

ALL of the paper and bubble wrap that we use to protect your delicate crystals has been reused from our suppliers orders and other packages we have received!

we hope that you would continue to use these items wherever you can, or alternatively dispose of them sustainably!

to find out how to dispose of your paper wrapping and bubble wrap, check out our article How to Reuse & Recycle The Guide Crystals Low Waste Packaging!

Linen Bags 👝

linen is one of the MOST sustainable textiles! heres some facts about other textiles for comparison!

LINEN takes 2 weeks to fully biodegrade! ✅ ♻️

COTTON takes 5 months to fully biodegrade! ❌

JUTE/BURLAP takes 1-2 years to fully biodegrade! ❌

linen is also EXTREMELY durable, we believe that our little baggies are perfect SUSTAINABLE CRYSTAL CARRY BAG! I know I carry my daily crystals around in one of them! <3

Biodegradable Boxes, Labels & Tape! 📦

our BOXES are made of 100% recycled cardboard! this means that once you have taken all of your beautiful stones out of the box, you can dispose of it straight into your Recycling Bin! ♻️

our LABELS are also biodegradable! they are also Compost Safe, meaning that if you have a compost bin, you can put them in there also to create a nutrient rich soil perfect for gardens! 🌱

and finally, our TAPE is 100% biodegradable also, so pretty much no matter what you do with our boxes and the tape and labels on them, they are 100% sustainable and recyclable! ♻️

Other Features of Our Low Waste Packaging! 💌

Digital Business Cards!

as opposed to traditional, physical business cards that most people discard of almost immediately after their order, we have designed a Digital Business Card that is sent to your EMAIL ADDRESS PROVIDED once your order has been packaged and sent!

No More Crystal Meaning Cards!

does anyone seriously keep their crystal meaning cards? I can't even think of where the countless Crystal Meaning Cards I've received are! probably squashed in a drawer or in a landfill site :(

we've realised that printing out meaning cards for all of your crystals just isn't sustainable! so, instead, we have ALL our crystals meanings on our website! easy for you to access at any time of the day or night!

and, if you still prefer a paper copy, you are more than welcome to print them out at home! <3


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