Collection: Capricorn Crystals ♑️

Capricorns are hard workers! They are highly focused individuals with discipline and follow through unlike no other! They are very much goal orientated, wether that be in the fields of career, relationship or general inspiration! You can always expect a high quality of work from Capricorns, however, they are often their own worst enemy!

Ground aspirations with Aragonite's stability, navigate challenges with Black Tourmaline's protective energy, and find clarity with Fluorite's genius influence.

Ignite passion with Garnet, foster spiritual growth with Indigo Gabbro, and manage stress with Lepidolite.

Stimulate ambition with Malachite, embrace tranquility with Ocean Jasper, and stay focused with Onyx.

Boost confidence with Septarian, enhance practicality with Smokey Quartz, and maintain composure with Snowflake Obsidian.

Channel courage with Tiger's Eye, balance energies with Tourmalated Quartz, and promote harmony with Vesonite.

Lastly, embody focus and clarity with White Banded Onyx.

Explore our diverse crystal collection, each harmonizing with Capricorn's unique qualities on their journey to success.

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