Collection: Crystals for Strength


GARNET the stone of action and protection!

This stone energises & brings power, strength and motivation through wear. The strong red energies also provide a powerful protection to ones energy field!

TIGERS EYE the stone of determination & transformation!

It attracts a steady flow of luck and abundance, allowing one to step out of the box & grow. It exiles fear by pushing determination, & grounds us to our centers!

BLOODSTONE the stone of courage & strength!

It was used by the Romans when preparing for battle, symbolising the connective was to blood & life!

CLEAR QUARTZ the stone of power & the master healer!

It works at amplifying all energies including other crystals & transmutes negative energies into positive usable energy!

DISCLAIMER: crystals are NOT a substitute for medical or therapeutical practices! if you are struggling, please reach out for professional help, you are loved! <3