Collection: Crystals for Healing

MOSS AGATE the stone of emotional & physical healing!

It stabilises the emotional body, bringing peace to any physical issues that holding on to trauma may have caused!

CLEAR QUARTZ the stone of power & the master healer!

It works at amplifying all energies including other crystals & transmutes negative energies into positive usable energy!

SMOKEY QUARTZ the stone of calmness & positivity!

It helps remove fears, depression & anxiety & promotes a positive outlook and actions!

MOONSTONE the stone of the moon!

It helps to break negative cycles that no longer serve you and bring power and positivity into new cycles! It works to divide feminine energy, balance emotions, and release any self-worry or doubt!

DISCLAIMER: crystals are NOT a substitute for medical or therapeutical practices! if you are struggling, please reach out for professional help, you are loved! <3