Collection: Crystals for Health & Wellness

SHUNGITE the stone of purification!

It is an excellent grounding stone, purifying energy in the body & promoting healing in all areas of life!

MOSS AGATE the stone of emotional & physical healing!

It stabilises the emotional body, bring peace to any physical issues that holding on to trauma may have caused!

BLACK TOURMALINE the stone of protection!

It acts as a sponge for negative energies effecting the mind, body & spirit. It removes negativity from the environment & other people!

CLEAR QUARTZ the stone of power & the master healer!

It works at amplifying all energies including other crystals & transmutes negative energies into positive usable energy!

DISCLAIMER: crystals are NOT a substitute for medical or therapeutical practices! if you are struggling, please reach out for professional help, you are loved! <3