Collection: Crystals for Focus

FLUORITE  the stone of grounding & harmonising!

Fluorite helps to attain clarity and concentration, helping one to focus on what is important!

CLEAR QUARTZ  the stone of power & the master healer!

Clear Quartz promotes clarity and a clear mind, allowing one to focus their energy and the energy of the stone into a positive and rewarding outcome!

MALACHITE  the stone of transformation!

Malachite is a fast acting and powerful stone used to clear the energetic field of distractions and obstacles, promoting focus and mental clarity!

SODALITE the stone of insight & good judgement!

Sodalite has the ability to enhance mental focus, clarity and wisdom, allowing one to channel their energy into fulfilling and successful endeavours!

DISCLAIMER: crystals are NOT a substitute for medical or therapeutical practices! if you are struggling, please reach out for professional help, you are loved! <3