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Depression Set

Depression Set

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LEPIDOLITE the stone of tension relief!

Fun Fact! Lepidolite is made out of similar chemical compounds to those found in anti-depressants! It aids with exhaustion & fatigued as well as balancing moods & mood swings!

SMOKEY QUARTZ the stone of calmness & positivity!

It helps remove fears, depression & anxiety & promotes a positive outlook and actions!

AMETHYST the stone of peace!

Amethyst helps calm the mind and release stress and negative emotions. When your mood is low, it is great to keep amethyst handy as a way to release tensions!

MOSS AGATE the stone of emotional & physical healing!

Moss Agate works to stabilise the emotional body and bring peace of mind and healing after traumatic events!

DISCLAIMER: crystals are NOT a substitute for medical or therapeutical practices! if you are struggling, please reach out for professional help, you are loved! <3 

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