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Scorpio ♏️ Gold Hook HYPOALLERGENIC Earrings

Scorpio ♏️ Gold Hook HYPOALLERGENIC Earrings

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Scorpios are the final Water Sign in astrology! They are represented by the Scorpion, the thick shelled, battle-clad animal, some would associate with aggression, but should be interpreted as quick wit and skill! Scorpios, like its sister signs, are able to easily read a person's energy, allowing them to protect themselves against harm that may come their way!

For all the Scorpios, we have chosen... 

MALACHITE the stone of transformation!

Malachite reflects upon a Scorpio's decision to reflect and rebuild themselves! It allows them to be pushed onto a path of more meaning and helps guide them to make decisions that will ultimately benefit them!

MOONSTONE the stone of the moon!

Moonstone connects a Scorpio to their emotional body! It calms heavy emotions and balances thoughts with feelings!

AQUAMARINE the stone of truth & communication!

Aquamarine allows for a Scorpio to express their emotions to their full potential! It inspires truth and a connection with reality!

CITRINE the stone of joy & creativity!

Scorpios have great power in manifestation, Citrine allows them to unlock these abilities! It promotes Scorpio's creative energies whilst also relieving them of insecurities and self-doubt that may be affecting them on their path!

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