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The Guide Crystals

The Summer Necklace

The Summer Necklace

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16in approx.

Each of our Statement Necklaces is handmade with love and intention!

The stones we have chosen for this piece are...

LARIMAR the stone of enlightenment!

it heals the mind, body & spirit activating connection with higher self & wisdom for manifestation! 

MOONSTONE the stone of the moon!

it helps to break negative cycles that no longer serve you and bring power and postitivity into new cycles! it works with divide feminine energy, balancing emotions and releasing any self worry or doubt! 

FLUORITE  the stone of grounding & harmonising!

Fluorite helps to attain clarity and concentration, helping one to focus on what is important!

ROSE QUARTZ the stone of unconditional love!

It helps with self love & confidence, and attracts love & loving relationships!


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