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Virgo ♍️ Silver Necklace

Virgo ♍️ Silver Necklace

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18in chain

Virgos are intellectual individuals, with the capacity to take on and learn information at fast rates! They have the ability to get tasks done with so much precision and focus that is comparable to that of a machine! Represented by the Virgin, Virgos follow the rules and do not stray far from society's guidelines, however, they are some of the most interesting and unique individuals of the zodiac! They do what they want which spawns creative genius and individuality like no other!

For all the Virgos, we have chosen...

MOSS AGATE the stone of emotional & physical healing! 

As an Earth Sign, it is important for Virgos to be connected to nature! Moss Agate not only calms emotions, but it also provides a strong pull to the Earth and its grounding energies!

AMAZONITE the stone of balance and success!

Amazonite allows Virgos to achieve their goals and see through the efforts of their hard work! It allows one to speak their highest truth and communicate their needs for the good of everyone!

FLUORITE the stone of focus & harmonizing!

Fluorite reflects Virgo's focused and concentrated energies! it allows them to gather their thought, emotions, and actions into one to make more concise decisions and work harder!

MOONSTONE the stone of the moon!

Moonstone connects Virgos to their emotional body! It allows Virgo to understand and balance their emotions!

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